Flowering Tea

Flowering tea is handmade from top quality of dried natural tea leaves and freshly dried flower or cluster of flowers, bound together with cotton thread into a ball.

There are 16 random mix Flower Tea ball – each one with vacuum packing to save all of its aromas and taste up to a moment when we put in down in a teapot for brewing.

Flowering Tea Ingredients
Tea base: White peony tea, Green Maofeng peony tea, White silver needle tea, Oolong tea Huang Jin Gui, Black tea Yunnan Silver Needle tips
Flower base: Globe Amaranth, Lily, Roselle, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Nasturtium, Marigold, Lavander, White rose, Pink rose, Camillia, carnation, chamomiles
Health benefits: refreshing, replenishment, prevention of several disease such as senile dementia, ovarian cancer, heart desease, delaying the aging cells, whitening the skins, improving immunity, etc.

Presentation ilustration: not for selection purpose


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