Rooftop scenery

Once and a while enjoy what’s around ! Feels like the time stops for a moment just for us.

This view is taken not far beyond, just a few steps ahead of our working place.

Few months ago there was no bridge there; just the sea, morning sun, and clouds….. Pure God’s creation, new daily scenery.
Now the bridge is standing there, and becoming a new icon here, and there will be a fountain in front of it. I hope we can see it from our roof top….. Mans made, not bad at all.

Time stops in a cup of coffee, so enjoy the time!

How great thou art!


Oh btw, if you like the beauty and want to see it with your own eyes, our door welcoming friendly visits as always.
Photographers, families, kindergarten kids, neighbours, friends; all have been here; and still we can share this beauty with much more people!
Praise the Lord


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